Decorating Bedrooms for Stepchildren

Get ideas to help make stepchildren and kids who only live with you part time feel welcome and at home.

With divorce on the rise and more children living in shared custody situations there are more kid’s rooms that are only used on a part time basis. There are some considerations that should be made for children living in this situation, they deserve to feel comfortable in each of their homes. At times it’s difficult for parents to accommodate full time children and part time ones in the same house but attempts need to be made to let the children who stay on a part time basis feel at home. Interior decorating can actually help this situation.

Separate Space

Although a separate bedroom is ideal, it’s not always an option. If individual rooms aren’t possible then some separate and personal space should be a priority. A key to making children feel like they belong is giving them their own space in the home, whether it’s a room or a half a room or just some space in a room.

Personal Interests

Too many parents get worried about how to decorate a stepchild’s room or how to decorate for children that only stay with them in a part time basis and this worry should be minimal because the child should determine the décor. Part of letting the child feel important is letting them make their own decisions about what they like and want to be surrounded by in their own space; within reason of course.

Solid and Neutral Furnishings

When a bedroom and its furnishings aren’t used on a daily basis they tend to last a bit longer so trendy furniture doesn’t make a lot of sense. Instead quality solid furnishings with a neutral design are a better decorating idea. Use inexpensive disposable items like linens and accessories to be the trend setting pieces.

Possession Control

Keeping track of which items stay at one home and which ones go back can be difficult and cause conflict. Labeling things with colored tags and stickers can help with the process but creating bins for separating items is also a great solution. This limits the conflicts that occur when hand offs happen and can encourage the child to have a greater control of their possessions.

Accessories and Luxuries

It’s often the little things that mean the most. Adding a luxury headboard like these on the Cheap Upholstered beds website can make all the difference.Those little touches that make a room visually interesting, hold sentimental value, and add comfort are important and shouldn’t be omitted from any room in the house.

As always, each person is unique so personalities should be considered as well as practical issues and decorative elements when decorating personal space. But special consideration must be made when decorating a room for stepchildren or children who live in the home on a part time basis. Their space needs to be practical and functional while also being a reflection of the child’s interests and comforting.