Four Cheap Hotels in Alicante

Choosing the place that you and your family are going to stay is very important as this will determine if you have enough in your budget for all the activities, your hotel, your car hire and enough to eat. If you have not thought about booking a hotel yet, I’m going to show you a few cheap hotels in Alicante near to both Alicante and Valencia airports that you may want to consider for you to be able to relax and enjoy your holiday.

But first I want to go through a few tips that will help you to save money on your cheap hotels in Alicante. The first thing is to search online. There are so many different hotels that you can choose from in both Alicante city and in the province, and they are basically all vying for your money. This means that if you shop around enough you will find some really good deals. The same goes with Alicante car hire, not choosing the first car rental company that you come across, picking up your car hire away from the airport, and going for the smallest car that you can manage are good ways of getting deals.

The next thing to do is to try planning your vacation away from the peak periods. Most years, Alicante can become very crowded during the peak season and the accommodation that is available can become very scarce. But during the off-peak season the demand is not there, so for you supply and demand is working in your favor, bringing the price right down. Last but by no means least, if you book your hotel well in advance and you come across a better deal in the meantime you can always cancel your first booking.

Here then has promised is a list of four cheap hotels in Alicante that are recommended.

Hotel Maya

For beach enthusiasts, the Hotel Maya is going to be an ideal option as this 3 star hotel in Alicante is surrounded with enchanting beaches and one of the beautiful sites to visit which is the Santa Barbara Castle. The hotel staff are always on offer to give a friendly smile and the service is really exceptional. Some of the hotel features include wireless internet access, printer, photocopier, outdoor car park and garage. This hotel is not only ideal for travelers and vacationers but also for business men.

Hotel Hesperia Lucentum

This recently built hotel in Alicante is linked to L’Altet Airport. This is located near the commercial areas such as shopping malls, markets and fancy restaurants. This is an ideal place for seminars, conventions, wedding receptions and much more. Some interesting features of this hotel include wireless internet access, a cafeteria, a restaurant, a gym, sauna and lounge.

Hotel Albahia

Hotel Albahia is located in the city centre and very near the city’s famous shopping centers. This hotel is situated along the Alicante seafront and that’s probably one of the reasons why this hotel remains to be really popular among travelers. The amenities that you can enjoy in Hotel Albahia include 6 tennis courts, a restaurant, a cafeteria, wireless Internet access and meeting facilities.

Abba Hotel Centrum Alicante

A 4 star hotel entwined with Spain’s rich culture. This hotel is not only a spectacular place where the whole family can really enjoy their stay but also a place for people who want to be near the city of Alicante’s finest attractions such as restaurants, malls, museums and the excellent nighttime entertainment.

These great hotels can only be found in Alicante. If you want to avail of much cheaper Alicante accommodation rates, you may book at least a few weeks in advance before your scheduled trip as offers may be limited. These hotels will surely provide you a relaxing time in Alicante.