Hawaii and the Local Spas

A Hawaiian vacation wouldn’t be complete without trying one of the amazing traditional spa therapies that Hawaii is famous for.

Hawaii is well known for its gracious hospitality and caring attitude. These cultural traits help make Hawaii’s native spa therapies true indulgences. Therapies such as Lomi- Lomi or Loving Hands Massage exemplify the Hawaiian approach to holistic healing. In Lomi-Lomi, therapists work not only for you, but also with you, to achieve optimal healing. Guests at the Ho’omani Spa in Maui can also enjoy an advanced therapeutic form of Lomi-Lomi known as Lomi Elua. Another variation, Lomi Elua is designed for the treatment of specific areas of concern. Lomi Elua is considered a type of deep tissue massage that is restoring in a gentle yet effective manner.

Other variations of Lomi-Lomi include the Ultimate 4-Hand Lomi. This unique experience, which lasts from 60-75 minutes, involves two massage therapists simultaneously nurturing the client’s body using the traditional flowing lomi strokes. This procedure is reported to facilitate a sense of complete surrender within. Another variation, the Lomi Hapai is a native Hawaiian specialty treatment designed exclusively for pregnant women or for women in the postpartum period to facilitate postnatal nurturing.

Enjoying the Elements

Hawaii’s temperature, climate and geological wonders contribute to the relaxed natural spa atmosphere. For instance, at the Mauni Lani Bay Hotel’s Spa on the Kohala Coast, guests can experience an open-air volcanic lava sauna. While relaxing in the sauna guests can apply volcanic clay to their skin. When the clay is rinsed the revitalized skin glows.

Another favorite indulgence is the Kahakai (Beach) Massage. In a beachside cabana, clients are able to enjoy the tranquil sounds of ocean waves as they receive a revitalizing massage. Guests at the Mauni Lani who prefer the outdoors, can enjoy a relaxing outdoor bath in their own rock-lined enclave. The outdoor bath is the perfect place to enjoy the warm tropical air scented with the fragrance of tropical blossoms.

The Spa at Halekulani in Honolulu is famous for its Waianuhea Spa Treatment. Wainauhea is a two-hour therapy that includes a signature foot-pounding ritual and continues with a Pa’akai (Hawaiian sea salt) footbath, a Pa’akai Ocean Scrub that’s scented with native night-blooming jasmine, and a Lomi-Lomi massage. This is a very good arthritis treatment and also an effective treatment for sports injury and rehabilitation. Another therapy called Pure Renewal is described as a three-hour detoxification experience that restores optimal well-being to the mind, body and spirit.

Cultural Elements

Many Hawaiian treatments feature local ingredients, such as sugar, coffee, honey and macadamia nut oil from Maui. For the ultimate in relaxation, visitors seek out the Lomilomi Pohaku (stone) massage. This is a variation of the lomi-lomi massage where the massage therapist uses steamed lava stones to rub rich avocado and olive oil into the skin.

In the Lokelani Facial, fresh petals and essential oils of rose are used to revitalize and stimulate the skin, leaving it radiant. The Hawaiian Salt Glo Scrub and the Polynesian Body Glo use native island red clay from Mount Wai`ale`ale, kukui nut oil and island sea salts. These ingredients are massaged onto the skin to exfoliate, detoxify and soften the skin.

In the Healing Drop Therapy essential oils are used to stimulate the nervous system using very light massage strokes. In the Honey Ginger Body Masque treatment begins with a ginger body polish, followed by a Hawaiian honey and ginger body masque. Before the skin is rinsed, warm bath sheets are draped over the body for ten minutes to allow the nutrients to be absorbed.