Medspas – Get Customized Services for Beautiful Skin

If you need doctor-grade assistance to clear and soften your skin, consider visiting a Medspa.

Medspas differ from traditional spas in that they offer services from doctors or other medical professionals who can diagnose dermatological issues and prescribe medication for treatment. These spas have also have prescription-grade products that are available to sell to clients. Many Medspas offer skin treatments such as microdermabraision, and they offer a wide range of exotic, pampering facials and body treatments. Patients can receive injections, laser vein removal, dermal wrinkle fillers, laser skin resurfacing, and other medical solutions that are only available in a doctor’s office to treat some forms of skin distress. These treatments can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, brown spots, and acne scars.

Diagnosing the Problem-Areas

The spas offer customized diagnosis to determine issues with the patient’s skin before a medical provider provides treatment. For example, a skin analysis can measures skin conditions both topically and those that are under the skin’s surface. It can reveal sun damage, enlarged pores, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. Professionals in the spa can then use the results from this analysis to pinpoint problem areas and provide a targeted, custom treatment. When professionals diagnose these specific problematic areas, they can provide both treatment and preventative advice to improve the look and feel of their clients’ skin.

Spa Expert Mark Renier, who owns an Ageless Remedies Spa location in Atlanta, said that acne and hyperpigmentation are two of the most common skin problems.

“You usually start with a peel or a microdermabrasion to get that first level off…” Renier said when discussing methods for eliminating hyperpigmentation. “Then you start to naturally exfoliate and you start to slough off that dead layer of skin. Part of your hyperpigmentation in your skin comes from that layer that needs to be sloughed off.”

After in-office services, Ageless Remedies personnel, normally will prescribe medical-grade products, matched to a person’s age, skin-type, and condition, so the process can be continued at home to gradually clear dark spots or patches of darkened skin.

Inside a Medspa

Although most doctor’s offices have bright lights and an uncomfortable table for treatments and services, medspas have an ambiance that is similar to traditional spas. The soft, soothing music, cozy heated blankets, scented candles, and dimmed treatment rooms in medspas give clients the same comforts of a relaxing spa getaway.

Medspas combine modern medicine with ancient Ayuryedic therapies to provide a soothing spa experience in a medical environment. Native to India, Ayuryedic therapies focus on a balance between the mind, body, and spirit for optimal health. Many Ayuryedic treatments used plant-based medications.

Pampering Medspa Services

In addition to facials and massage services, a Medspa can offer unique sevices, such a HydroCapsule, with a Vichy shower, steam heat treatments, and oxygen and light therapy, so clients can experience the latest technology when it comes to pampering and treating skin problems. Some even offer permanent makeup or semi permanent makeup as it’s sometimes referred to.

Because they blend innovative, modern medical expertise with ancient Ayuryedic therapies and spa luxury, medspas give clients a relaxing, custom, results-oriented medical spa experience. The custom treatments, feature cosmetic lasers, Botox, Ayuryedic skin rejuvenation, cosmetic lasers, facials, body scrubs, pain-relieving massages therapy, and total wellness programs.