Spa Secrets For Beating The Heat

Options range from cooling off in the gentle mist of an Eucalyptus ice shower to striking restorative yoga poses in a mineral springs-driven pool.

Summer heat can zap energy, parch skin, frizz hair and dull the senses. A tall glass of iced herbal tea can temporarily help, but for true revitalization, look to your favorite spa. Spa therapies can invigorate the body and soul whether one only has 15 minutes to spare for a minty foot reflexology session or a week to recharge at a luxury destination spa. Here are some of the favorite solutions for surviving summer’s heat.
Cooling Showers

Rooted in ancient Finnish healing traditions, ice baths and cold showers have become a mainstay at spas worldwide. Cooling showers are often available as complementary therapies and are available for guests stepping from saunas, hydrotherapy sessions or massage treatments. Rain forest showers, single jet flood showers, ice fountain sprays, and scented ice showers are just a few of the cooling showers available at spas. Combined with cooling plant essences such as aloe or citrus, even a warm steam bath or a warm steam mist can have a cooling effect.

At the Lighthouse Spa and Wellness Center located at Bulgaria’s Lighthouse Spa and Golf Resort near Lake Kaliakra, guests have the choice of bracing frigidarium or adventure showers to cool off after golf outings or a day at the beach doing water aerobics. The Frigidarium’s water spray provides ice shavings that enhance the cooling process, stimulating circulation and refreshing the body between or after heat therapies while the adventure showers simulate a refreshing tropical storm.

Surrounded by sweltering summertime heat, the Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada can wilt tourists quickly and force them inside. At the Canyon Ranch Spa Clubs located at the Venetian Resort and the Palazzo Resort, guests can cool off in Aquavana, North America’s most expansive European-style thermal suite, which includes spa cabins, experiential cold showers, cold rooms and aquathermal bathing experiences.

Cooling Herbs

Cooling herbs and plant extracts, such as rosemary, mint, and juniper, are often added to massage oils and lotions and facial masques for their invigorating benefits. Ingredients such as vinegar, baking soda and yogurt, which are widely used to treat sunburn, are also effective for cooling and moisturizing parched skin. The herbal extract ylang ylang, a popular ingredient in Thai massages, has such a marked cooling effect, it was once used in Asia to treat inflamed skin as well as bug bites and ward off fever. Lemon grass, once used to treat burning and perspiring feet, is often incorporated into cooling foot massages and reflexology treatments.

At a White Pond Paradise Salon and Day Spa in Akron, Ohio, cooling plant extracts are released into the atmosphere during massage sessions to help refresh the body and spirit. Followed by cool Vichy spray, a summer massage leaves tense muscles relaxed and invigorated. At RCG salon and spa in Manitowoc Wisconsin, guests can schedule an Eye Zone Treatment, a cooling and revitalizing gentle massage that focuses on the eye area and uses plant- and flower-based products. A quick and inexpensive pick-me-up, the eye zone treatment leaves clients looking and feeling refreshed.

Mud Baths and Water Sports

Mud wraps, mud soaks, and mud wraps are cooling as well as detoxifying. Mud smoothes the skin and replenishes minerals lost to dehydration by restoring diminished nutrients. Relaxing in a mud bath is a genuine cooling treat especially when it’s followed by a cool shower and a dip into a glacial waterfall.

Exercising in water is the ideal way to cool off. Spas worldwide offer water aerobics, water yoga, and a variety of water sports. Clients can participate in classes or schedule individual sessions. For beating the summer heat, both day spas and destination resorts have solutions to meet every need.