Vaping Products – Are They Bad For You?

One of the big attractions for people to quit tobacco in favour of vaping is that it is considered to be ‘healthier’. Quite how far these claims stretch is open to debate, but you can be sure that the big-name vape companies aren’t shy mentioning this in their marketing materials. Compared to tobacco, vaping is without question a far better alternative, but that doesn’t mean it should be automatically considered as being safe.

Nicotine & E-liquids

Even though zero nicotine e-liquids are becoming ever more popular, the fact is that most vapers still use liquid with a level of nicotine content. Until recently it was possible to purchase e-liquids as containing as much as 2.4mg (these have now been banned) which is twice the content as the strongest cigarette on the market. As is well documented, nicotine is a highly addictive substance and there is no evidence that e-liquids are any less addictive than tobacco.

E-liquids Contain Some Toxins

E-liquid should – on paper – be a really clean product. After all, it is just nicotine, PG/VG mix and flavourings. So where does the bad stuff come from? There is a split in opinion as to how severe the toxins are that some e-liquids deliver. If you believe the scaremongersthen most vapes deliver a nasty mix of formaldehyde, nitrosamines and lead. This is hardly appetizing, but to place this into scale tobacco also delivers all of these nasties in hundreds of times greater quantities.

Is Second Hand Vaping Dangerous?

Once again the debate is split over how severely vaping can affect air quality. Even though there is no ‘smoke’ or lingering scent with vape clouds, it is believed to still carry some potentially carcinogenic elements into the air (notably aluminium particles). Is this severe enough to endanger health? Probably not and the amounts measured are absolutely tiny, yet it is still something to be aware of.

So how bad is vaping for you? Until more focused research is conducted the only way to answer this question has to be “it is better than the alternative”. The best way to enjoy as healthy a vape as possible would be to use well-manufactured vape devices and e-liquids made from as natural and organic ingredients as possible.